Downsize to the right size.

Don't do it alone!

There are many reasons that someone may be downsizing, and they are most often laden with emotions. Transitions are hard and it can be an overwhelming idea to tackle, whether for yourself or a loved one. It can feel like there are so many decisions to be made and you don’t know where to start. There are memories, attachments, and perhaps the closing of a chapter in your life.

We can help you make sense of it all and walk you through each step of this delicate process.

Downsizing Process:

  • STEP 1: Sort and Organize
  • STEP 2: Declutter
  • STEP 3: Donation and Distribution
  • STEP 4: Pack and Move Management
  • STEP 5: Unpack and Put Away


Someone who has lived a full life can unintentionally accumulate a high volume of sentimental possessions. When you or a loved one decides it’s time to move into a smaller, more convenient home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" around you. However, we know it isn’t just "stuff." It’s years of important memories, keepsakes and traditions.

With our team and our trusted process, we collaborate with our clients to honor the past while assisting them with embracing the future. When done properly, downsizing can be a great relief because our professional team will help prioritize what is most important and helpful in your next phase of life.